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About the Founder

My name is Serban, I’ve created WeatherStationary.com in 2015. For the next year, my aim is to make this eCommerce store the most detailed and informative site about weather measuring instruments and related devices and also to create a community of lifelong weather enthusiasts & learners.

I personally advise you against the continuous acquisition of gadgets or things you don’t need. These just crowd your basement or garage and clutters your mind. But if you’re here, it means that we surely have one thing in common: our passion for weather. We are happy to deliver you value-for-money products which expand your knowledge and help you live smart.

If you’re pleased with your experience at WeatherStationary.com, make sure to spread the good words among your friends, family and colleagues. Share your experience with the gadgets by writing a product review. You can also contact me at serban.felea[at]weatherstationary[dot]com or send us feedback via our short surveys.

If for any reason you’re unhappy, check our No-Hassle Return Policy or Contact Us and I assure you that we’ll do everything possible to resolve any issues you might have.

In the future, we have a vision to expand and contribute towards better weather measuring & forecasting instruments and also towards better sensors and devices which can analyze soil data, food composition or even improve the agriculture conditions while preserving life and nature.

This eCommerce store is just the beginning of a long journey. If you’re looking to buy Professional Weather Measuring Instruments, look no further. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business and will make sure that you’ll be nothing less than delighted with your experience.


Serban Felea | Founder

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We check our emails regularly and reply even if we’re at dinner. But since we are a small team with limited resources, it’s hard for us to manage all the communications instantly. We, however, promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

You can also leave a message at 307-316-8740 or send as an email: